Anonymous asked: Why are all of the things that are sold out still on the website? it's kind of annoying since im trying to shop and everything i keep seeing and liking is stuff that's sold out.. making me so upset oh my

most everything is one of a kind but don’t worry we will be adding tons of new stuff in the next week or 2 just keep checking and follow our instagram @thecobrashop 

Anonymous asked: would it be better to e-mail photos or go to your store to possibly model for your brand?

either way email us or visit us … if you want to email send to 

lashark asked: i want that mamadoux 'wanna get high' hoodie thing sooo much! around how much would shipping cost to the uk?

hey lashark international shipping is 10 bucks or free if you spend 150 usd 

just add some chokers or something else from our shop and get free shipping!!




COBRASHOP PICK OF THE DAY! check out this EVAN PICONE hawaiian! all you need to go with this top are hot tiny shorts and a pina colada!! available now!

Hair so red

(via theadventureteam)

Memories of Maui shooting @charlotte_free for @wildfoxcouture
come hike with @THECOBRASNAKE tomorrow morning #runyon 9AM SHARP 

Anonymous asked: How often do you guys get new stuff?

just got a ton of new stuff 

get shopping 

Anonymous asked: I really want to model for you guys

that sounds like fun … do you live in los angeles? are you cool looking? do you like chipolte 

Anonymous asked: jesus your response to questions font colour is annoying to read

we just changed it 

sorry we are color blind over here