Anonymous asked: I ordered a shirt online and they sent me the wrong size I asked for a L and they gave me a Small is there a way they can send me one in the right size ..

email us shop @ with your order number and name 

we will fix this 

super sorry this never happens 


Los Angeles, CA

cactiemoji asked: your store is so cool and grunge i was wondering you would be open to having a shoot with me? it would be so cool to shoot with you, please consider this thank you. :)

if you wanna model for THECOBRASHOP you have 2 live in LOS ANGELES..and like taco bell breakfast 

please email photos to shop @ with your info 

patheticallydead asked: WHERE CAN I GET THAT BLACK CHOKER?!? (The one in my profile pic)

we got all the chokers you need right here 


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